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Seeds Program

5 hours ● 5th grade – adult ● $45/person

  • A half-day version of the popular Global Gateway, this program is a quick glimpse into what life can be like for impoverished people around the world. Seeds challenges participants to work together to get their lunch. Just like the overnight programs, participants are “assigned” to a house in the village and must acquire their food and cook their meal over a fire.

  • To acquire their food for lunch, younger groups can try their hand at budgeting and decision-making at our exciting world marketplace, while older groups delve into the more challenging trading activity from the overnight programs.

  • Group size: 10+ participants

  • Chaperone requirements: one adult for every eight youth; minimum two adults


Sample Seeds schedule:

  • 10:00am Welcome, begin programming orientation/introduction

  • 11:00am Walking tour of Global Village

  • 12:00pm Mealtime activity begins (market or trading)

  • 2:00pm Begin cleanup & chores

  • 2:30pm Finish programming and closing

  • 3:00pm Program finished.

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