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About Us

Shepherd's Spring is an independent, 501-c-3 non-profit organization originally founded by the Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren, and the Outdoor Ministries Association (OMA).

Located just 1.5 hours west of Washington, DC., and hosting guests since 1990 with simple and comfortable facilities on 220 acres of beautiful nature.


At Shepherd's Spring we shall seek to engage the world with the reality of the risen Jesus so as to inspire hope and cultivate lifelong learning.



We will be champions of the inherent value of each individual we serve

We will act with integrity and consistency to be found worthy of authentic trust.

We shall be both teachers and students as learning is a lifelong process and not a specific destination.

Change is constant - we will embrace it to find solutions and experience forward motion.

We will be mindful stewards of our natural environment and lead others to do the same.



16869 Taylors Landing Road

Sharpsburg, MD 21782

Telephone Number


"Shepherd’s Spring holds a very special place in my heart.  Some of my best childhood memories are from the weeks spent at summer camp at Shepherd’s Spring.  I was a camper there in the very first year the camp opened. We camped in tents that year before the cabins were complete.  I am honored to support a place that has meant so much to me and hope that my support can help ensure that youth can make similar memories for years to come.

Andrew P. Grossnickle

"Between November 2016 and January 2017, I had the pleasure of leading two retreats at Shepherd’s Spring—one for our high school youth and another for our young adults. Both weekends were amazing times of being together, encountering the Holy Spirit, engaging with the story of God, and finding time to relax and simply be. The environment at Shepherd’s Spring was perfect for this. From comfortable sleeping arrangements to a warm and inviting gathering space to scrumptious meals, we found everything well suited to our needs.

Pastor Calvin

My favorite memories of Shepherd's Spring are attending Grand Camp with each one of my grandchildren over the past nine years.  Spending time with them on a one-to-one basis and doing camping activities such as hiking, caving, swimming, morning watch, and singing has been a highlight for me, and one I will always treasure and never forget. 

Glenna M.

An inviting Name

How we got our name,
Shepherd's Spring.

Dan Ulrich, a New Testament scholar and pastor on the eastern shore at the time, agreed to write a biblical/theological statement about the name Shepherd's Spring. He mentioned Psalm 23, the Lord is our Shepherd who refreshes us beside quiet waters and nurtures us in green meadows. He cited John 10 where Jesus says, "I am the good Shepherd." He mentioned the spring as a source of flowing water rather than cistern water. He pointed out that Jesus gives "living water" (John 4:10). Dan referred to local ties with the name shepherd: Shepherd University is located in nearby Shepherdstown and the larger island in the Potomac River just off shore from our land is called Shepherd Island. "May we all come to the waters," Dan concluded, "may we come to meet our Shepherd here."​

(Excerpt from a report by Guy Wampler in 2013).

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