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Global Gateway

2 days/1 night ● 6th grade – adult ● $100/person

By far our most popular program!

  • Participants delve deeper into the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, focusing on issues such as health, clean water, nutrition, economic disparity, and lack of education.

  • In this role-playing simulation, participants become “citizens” of a particular house for the evening and must work together to trade for food with the other houses, build a fire and cook their meal, before spending the night in the global village. It looks fun and easy, but success is not guaranteed! Wrap up the experience with a debrief that keeps the group moving, reflecting, and thinking critically. 

  • Group size: 12 to 60 people

  • Chaperone requirement: One adult for every 8 youth; minimum 3 adults


Sample Global Gateway schedule:





Comparison: Global Gateway (GG)

vs. Global Explorers (GX)


 What does the GX have that the GG does not?

  • The GX has one additional night, usually spent in our cabins. The second night is spent sleeping in the global village.

  • Three extra meals in our dining room.

  • Introductory activities the first afternoon and rotational activities the morning of the second day (see the GX page for details on activity options). These activities vary according to your group’s age, size, the weather and time of year, and other factors.


Can we do any of the GX program activities in the GG?

  • Certainly! GX rotational activities are available as add-ons. If you’d like to add on some of the GX activities, please allow for extra cost and time for each activity. Please contact us to discuss these options.


Is it possible to start our GG program at 4:00pm like the GX program does?

  • No, that does not work for the GG program. Because you'll spend your first night in the global village, you’ll need several hours of programming and preparation time before that begins. However, we can be somewhat flexible with program start times. Please contact us if a 2:00pm start time presents a problem for you.


Is there any part of the GG program that’s not in the GX?

  • No. The GG program is completely contained within the GX.


Can children younger than 6th grade do either of the overnight programs?

  • Possibly, yes. There are ways that can happen. Please contact us to discuss that.


Do you offer lunch after our program ends?

  • Yes! Both the GG and GX programs include an optional sack lunch or buffet lunch at an additional cost per person. Please contact us to discuss your options regarding extending your stay post-program, including lodging, meals, and things to do.

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