Welcome to Shepherd's Spring

…a retreat, summer camp, outdoor classroom, conference center and more, away from busyness and surrounded by the beauty of nature for
relaxation, renewal and growth.

Meadows, riverbanks, woodlands, and facilities open for learning, exploration and fun through creative and enjoyable programs guided by our welcoming staff.

Individuals, groups, businesses, schools, congregations and all faith groups:

  • Overnight Summer Camps for all ages. Register now!
  • Retreats to a peaceful place.
  • World culture experiences in the Heifer Global Village.
  • Business events, luncheons in our dining hall, and indoor or outdoor meeting space for teambuilding sessions.
  • Outdoor or indoor celebrations in picturesque settings.

Experience this oasis of exceptional and natural beauty at Shepherd’s Spring. Engage the world, inspire hope, and cultivate lifelong learning.

Summer Camp Registration Open
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