Heifer's Fair Share Meal

...It's an Experience!

Heifer’s Fair Share Meal is a powerful role-playing game demonstrating how deeply class division affects those who lack resources and opportunities. Spanning only the length of a meal, it gives participants the opportunity to experience the world from a new perspective by “becoming” a person from a lower, middle, or upper-class life somewhere in the world. Participants receive the rights and resources appropriate to their class and engage in meaningful discussion with other participants while enjoying the meal.

Time frame: two (2) hours

Participant numbers: 20 – 100

Age: 11+ Youth should be mature enough to stick to a potentially undesirable role (such as being poor) for the duration of the meal. However, families and children as young as 8 can participate with their adults without much trouble. Program logistics may need to be adjusted based on group size, age range and distribution, and other factors.

Shepherd’s Spring program cost: $10/person

Can’t come to Shepherd’s Spring? Let us bring the Heifer Fair Share Meal to you!

What you provide:

  • Commercial kitchen and dining room with plenty of space to seat everyone
  • Separate meeting room with theater-style seating for everyone, a lectern, and audiovisua  equipment with a DVD player and a good functional sound system
  • Functional kitchen and staff to perpare and clean up after the meal
  • Ideally, lobby or hall space for check-in, restrooms, coats, etc.
  • Check-in table with sign-in sheets and promotional materials
  • All food, drinks, and utensils
  • 4-6 staff or volunteers to help operate the program (not including kitchen staff)
  • Space and a method for hanging six (6) laminated posters on the walls
  • Your own materials advertising this event
  • Optional: childcare services

What we provide:

  • Lead facilitator to “emcee” the program
  • Character (role-play) cards for each participant
  • Brief training for the roles that your staff/volunteers will play
  • Posters & discussion materials
  • DVD from Heifer International
  • Educational and promotional materials

Offsite program cost: $15/person
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