An oasis of exceptional natural beauty, Shepherd's Spring welcomes all to encounter the Peace of Christ, be renewed in community, and grow as leaders.

It is a Source of Renewal - A Place to Grow!


Our VISION is that the lives of participants in the programs at Shepherd’s Spring will be transformed by better understanding the interconnectedness of all aspects of living in this world.


Shepherd’s Spring exists to express the values of Christian hospitality and service to all.  However, it is important to note that other faith traditions may also come to enjoy the sacred space in peace and harmony.  As a center of education for all ages, Shepherd's Spring provides space and support for visitors, retreat participants, volunteers and staff to enhance their work and life journey.  Based on the traditions of the Church of the Brethren, the hospitality of Shepherd’s Spring is infused with the guiding ideals of peace, forgiveness, love, and stewardship of all gifts including the natural surroundings of the ministry.