Men's Retreat

Are you a male between the ages of 45 & 65? Is the daily grind eating you up? Do you long for a  break from the stress of life? Do you have deep questions but few places and little time to ask them? Are you wondering about your career, family, health, finances, future, faith, and/or self-identity? Would you welcome a few hours dedicated to reflection, rest, and recreation?

Join us for a men’s weekend designed to provide “space to breathe.”  This is not a “how to” workshop or a seminar. No compulsory sharing or participation. We’ll focus on the three “Rs” of reflection, rest, and recreation.

Sponsored by: Mid-Atlantic District Church of the Brethren in partnership with ArtistryLeads. Facilitation by Jonathan Shively of ArtistryLeads.

Register by November 15.

Click here for the schedule and to register.