Heifer Global Village FAQs

  • When can we do programs?

Anytime! If we’re available, we can book it: weekdays, weekends, winter, summer, or during the school year.

  • Can Heifer Global Village programs focus on STEM?

YES! Heifer International uses what they call “appropriate technology” in their projects whenever possible. This can include sustainable farming practices, tools or innovations which solve a specific problem, and education and training. In our Heifer Global Village you can observe such things as different building materials used in different climates, a zero-grazing goat pen, several different styles of stove, and effective water-catchment systems. While our facilitators are not scientists, we can offer students a thorough introduction to what STEM can look like in developing regions of the world.


  • Are programs in the Heifer Global Village religious?

No, they are not. Even though we operate within Shepherd’s Spring, which is a Christian ministry center, our programs are not religious. We have a very wide variety of groups who visit the village, from public schools to religious groups to scout troops, and everybody comes to the global village for their own reasons. However, any group is welcome to incorporate aspects of their faith (journaling, reflections, specific discussion points, etc.) during or after the program. Simply let us know if you wish to do that.


  • We’re going to be there longer than just our Heifer Global Village program. Can we do other programs and activities at Shepherd's Spring?

           Absolutely! Shepherd’s Spring is chock-full of wonderful things to do.  Extra activities must be booked in advance of your trip and may carry an additional cost.

  • Other stand-alone activities from Heifer Global Village such as Heifer DVD or experiencing authentic manual labor practices
  • Fire-building workshop
  • Guided hike on trails – focus on nature, birding, etc.
  • Visit Dam Number Four on the Potomac River – 4-mile round-trip hike down C&O Canal or about a 10-minute drive to the parking lot
  • Teambuilding & low ropes challenge
  • Guided caving expeditions
  • Guided night hike
  • Swimming in outdoor pool (seasonal)
  • Volunteer & service work - seasonal, as needed
  • And more!
  • What other destinations are in the region?