Cultural Connections

4 hours ● 4th grade – adult ● $32/person

Get a unique taste of another culture! Explore our authentic household items, clothing, and other artifacts before heading out on a tour of the global village. Then cook a delicious meal from that country.

Choose Guatemala, Thailand, or Kenya

Group size: 8 to 20 youth (programs with larger or smaller group sizes may need to be customized)

Chaperone requirements: one adult for every six (6) youth under 12; minimum two adults


Comparison: Cultural Connections vs Seeds

Is Cultural Connections focused on hunger and poverty?

  • Not really, no. Because the data in our programs comes from Heifer International, we are focusing on the largely rural, indigenous people they work with in these places. But the program itself is not focused on hunger and poverty, but rather the rich cultures and traditions of these peoples. Seeds is focused on hunger and poverty.

In Cultural Connections, will we “become” a citizen of one of the houses in the village?

  • No, you will not. Unlike Seeds and both overnight programs, hunger, poverty, injustice, etc. are not a focus of Cultural Connections. If your group is larger and we cannot all cook in one house together, we may spread out to other houses, but that’s simply a place to do the cooking.  

Are wealth inequality and scarcity a part of Cultural Connections?

  • No, they’re not. For the Cultural Connections programs, we provide ingredients for you to cook more than enough food for everyone in the group. In fact, we often have leftovers! In this program, everyone is encouraged to try everything.