Cultural Connections

Three or four-hour program for 4th grade - adult

Choose Guatemala, Thailand, or Kenya

Celebrate the similarities and differences between a foreign culture and our own.

What’s important to us? Why do we do the things we do? What do we like and not like?

Now, how about the people of another country?

Group sizes: 8 to 20 youth
(programs with larger group sizes will need to be customized)
Chaperone requirements: one adult for every six (6) youth under 12; minimum two adults

Pricing: varies based on group size, season, and other factors

Three-hour program:

  • Group does not cook but eats dishes from this country prepared by our kitchen
  • Cost: starts at $17/per person

Four-hour program:

  • Group cooks meal themselves
  • Cost: starts at $20/per person

Sample Cultural Connections program:

  • Cultural discussions and overview
  • Exploration of cultural artifacts 
  • Enjoy delicious food from that country
  • Hear a regional folktale, story, or legend
  • Take a walking tour of the entire Heifer Global Village
  • Play a game or two from that country